I Looked for a Perfect Torch Everywhere. Now I Have Found It!

I was looking for a head torch for various daily activities that would allow me to keep my hands free.


It took me a while to notice how often I needed to use a torch. To see something in the dark or when sorting home DIY. To walk my dog after dark or to find that coin I dropped in between the couch cushions.

I sometimes use my phone torch, or if I need a more powerful light, I use a proper one, too. But it’s not always convenient. When I have to fix my bathroom sink or when walking my dog, I need both of my hands free. That’s when I started to look for a solution.

And Then I Discovered Brillumex!

This amazing head torch was everything I needed – durable, bright, and, most importantly, it keeps both of my hands free! And being 50% Off at the time of my purchase, it also saved me a lot of money.

Now, walking my dog at night or working on my house and car is better than ever. And the more I use Brillumex, the more features I discover.


Simple Innovation

Brillumex wasn’t the only head torch that I looked into, but there were several things that attracted me compared to other devices of the kind. Its superior brightness, multiple light modes, and weather resistance made it stand out. Of course, a generous discount didn’t hurt the appeal either.

But what I like the most about it is that it isn’t just some simple head torch that you could find in every tool shop. It’s durable, innovative, and fully adjustable – from size to brightness – so you get much more from it than you would from cheap hardware store trinkets.

Brightness Just The Way You Like It

Most head torches are really basic. You put it on your head or helmet, you press the button, and that’s it. Sometimes, you would also need to replace the batteries. But that’s not really convenient for every situation. Sometimes, you need a brighter light, sometimes dimmer.


That’s why Brillumex is so great. When I don’t want to blind other passers-by while walking my dog, I set it on 5-50% brightness, and when I truly need to see into a dark nook or cranny, I set it on full 100%. Besides, it’s fully rechargeable!

Having different light modes also adds a sense of security. Brillumex has a strobe and SOS, so I know that if I ever get in danger, I’ll just need to adjust the mode and attract help. For so many different life scenarios, Brillumex is there to assist.

Here Are All The Great Features That Brillumex Has To Offer

1. Powerful brightness

Brillumex offers up to 500 lumens – about the same as proper tactical flashlights. So, if you’re a handyman or would just like to add an extra layer of security when walking your dog at night, this head torch will not disappoint.


2. 6 different light modes

There are three regular light modes, plus strobe and SOS, so who knows, maybe Brillumex can someday help you out of a tricky or unpleasant situation. It also makes it an excellent companion for hikers and adventure-seekers.

3. 5 brightness levels

You don’t need to blind people around you like you would with a regular head torch. With Brillumex, you can set the brightness level ranging from 5% to 100%. That makes it adaptable to daylight and environment settings.


4. Suitable for all weather conditions

If you’re a frequent hiker like I am, you will appreciate how durable Brillumex is. It has an IP67 rating, making it resistant to dust, rain, and dirt. So, if you’re camping after dark, walking your dog in the rain, or have to change a flat tire in the middle of a thunderstorm, this head torch can help you out.

5. Adjustable angle

Some basic head torches have one minor flaw – they can only point forward. But that’s not always what you need. With Brillumex, you can adjust the angle of the light beam to 180°. You can also remove it from the headband to use it as a regular torch.


6. Highly comfortable

Brillumex features a soft and adjustable band. It’s stretchy, so it's guaranteed to fit most people. It also ensures that your device is always securely attached without feeling uncomfortable. So, don’t worry, this head torch won’t ruin your hairstyle!

Brillumex Has Become So Popular…

… that there is now a risk of it selling out! As the days get shorter, more people rush to buy Brillumex to light their way in darkness. This caused the stocks to become extremely limited.

However, there are some good news. Just now, you can get Brillumex at a discount. For a limited time only, the makers of this amazing head torch decided to spoil their customers by offering their product for half price!

That’s right, now, just like me, you can get Brillumex 50% OFF with FREE shipping right to your doorstep! Besides, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always try it out before making the final decision.

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