Get Rid of That Pile of Messy Wires and Enjoy Seamless Charging With this 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad


I never thought I’d be the person who uses multiple smart devices. I mean, at my age, an iPhone was more than enough for all of my daily needs.

But then I unexpectedly had to switch jobs, and my new workplace provided me with all the extra smart gadgets. And they really do come in handy!

But now I face a new problem – space. I work from home most days, and my apartment is TINY. It’s just me and my cat, but the place is almost too crammed already. So, having all those extra devices and charging them made my desk A HUGE mess!

When I complained to one of my younger colleagues, they advised me to look into a wireless charging station that could fit and charge all devices at once. So, that sent me on a journey that led me here.

Introducing Chargix Pro

After long hours on the web looking for the best charging station, I stumbled across Chargix Pro, and it immediately caught my attention.

It was the only wireless charging pad with a reasonable price tag that offered 5-in-1 versatility!

With Chargix Pro, you can charge 3 devices wirelessly: a smartphone, a smartwatch, and earbuds! Plus, you can charge one extra device with a USB cable. The fifth advantage of the 5-in-1 is an LED light, which can be used as a nightlight or ambient light.

So, this charging pad really packs a punch. And, to top it all off, it offers fast charging, too! You only need to pair it with a QC3.0 power adapter.

And even though I was only looking for a pad for my three devices, I’m glad I can actually charge my cat’s toy fish without occupying another wall outlet!

Minimalistic Design Filled with Convenient Features
  • offer 5-in-1 Functionality
  • Chargix Pro's ingenious layout allows you to charge up to four devices simultaneously, and it also serves as an ambient light for your room.
  • offer Wireless Charging
  • Chargix Pro supports Qi-compatible devices and provides a hassle- and clutter-free charging experience. You can charge three devices wirelessly at the same time!
  • offer Fast Charging
  • Swift charging process for your devices – guaranteed. You should pair Chargix Pro with a QC3.0 power adapter for optimal results – fast-charging compatible devices will charge up lightning-fast.
  • offer Charge Through Protective Cases
  • This wireless charging pad is designed to work even through protective cases (up to 5mm thick), so you don't need to take it off for every charge.
  • offer Compact and Lightweight
  • Smaller than a regular tablet, Chargix Pro is ideal for on-the-go lifestyles. It's a perfect travel companion that ensures charging convenience wherever you go.
  • offer Easy Setup, Effortless Use
  • Setting up and using Chargix Pro is a breeze. Connect it to a power source, place your devices on the designated spots, and let the charging begin!
  • offer Nightlight Functionality
  • This thoughtful feature not only allows you to quickly find your devices in low-light conditions but also adds a touch of elegance and coziness to your space.
  • offer Keeps Your Space Mess-Free/span>
  • Chargix Pro ensures your charging station remains organized and clutter-free! Super helpful in small apartments and cramped living spaces.
One Small Device, a Whole Lot of Convenience

When I first got all those devices from work and brought them back home, I have to admit, I was a little annoyed. Yes, they improved my routine and made things much easier. But the mess of three extra cords in my tiny workspace was really driving me crazy!


So, when I discovered Chargix Pro, I was really excited to set it up and get that wire mess fixed ASAP. And to my surprise, it was delivered only a few days later!

From the moment I set up my Chargix Pro, convenience took on a whole new meaning... The space-saving, wireless design transformed my little workspace into an organized haven where working has become satisfying again.

Now, with the ability to charge my phone, watch, and earbuds simultaneously, I no longer find myself juggling between chargers and cords.

This wireless charging pad was truly the find of the year for me!

Some Raving Reviews from Other Customers

Clearly, I'm not the only one who's absolutely enjoying their newfound clutter-free charging experience.


Chargix Pro has changed my charging habits for the better! The fast-charging speed is impressive, and the fact that I can charge 3 devices wirelessly at the same time is mind-blowing. Setting it up was a breeze, it fits seamlessly into my space, and I’m really happy to finally have eliminated the cable chaos.

— Tory

Charging has never been this easy and convenient! The ability to charge four devices simultaneously is a game-changer for my busy lifestyle. I also appreciate that I can charge through my phone case and don’t have to remove it every time, saving me the hassle. Highly recommend Chargix Pro to everyone who’s looking for top-notch charging convenience.

— Jayne

Chargix Pro is a masterpiece in charging technology. The 5-in-1 design is incredibly versatile, and the fast charging speed ensures my devices are ready to go when I am. Also, the nightlight feature is a thoughtful touch, creating a soothing ambiance in the evening.

— Davena
It’s obvious why Chargix Pro is the top choice for anyone looking for an easier and faster way to charge their devices!
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