This Handy Device Helped Me Reduce Plaque and Tartar – All in the Comfort of My Own Home!


It used to take hours and more than one appointment for a dental hygienist to remove all the plaque and tartar from my teeth.
But thanks to this device, I’ve been in and out in about 30 minutes!

Following a proper dental care routine can be difficult…

There is a specific way you have to brush your teeth, then floss, then use a mini brush to get any remaining soft plaque. Who even has time for that?!

This is why dental hygienists recommend you sign up for a visit every 6 months. But people with a hectic routine and limited budget might only afford yearly visits, at best. And then there’s the issue of finding a professional who can tend even to the most sensitive of teeth.

Personally, I don’t like string floss. I can never grip the tooth right, as the dentist recommended, and with my tooth sensitivity, it always feels like I’m only pushing all the dirt deeper into my gumline.


And it seems that I’m not alone – only 41% of all people floss daily, and 1/5 never floss at all!

Luckily, there is a way to maintain dental hygiene and properly clean your teeth without subjecting yourself to uncomfortable methods. That way is water flossing!

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Studies have shown that flossing with a water flosser is up to 29% more effective than traditional floss.”


That’s right! Even dental hygienists use water to clean your teeth during appointments, so why not do it yourself and save time and money? Especially when a water flosser can help avoid all issues people with big hands or a gag reflex have when attempting to use string floss.

What They DON’T Want You to Know About Dental Floss

Despite water flossers being readily available for anyone to purchase, there’s still a push for traditional floss. It’s not surprising. After all, it’s business, and plenty of companies profit from your dependency on this product. However, there are multiple negatives associated with using string floss.

  • offer It’s extremely wasteful:
  • string floss companies depend on you constantly needing more, and that’s because you’re binning whole packs worth of it. And don’t even get me started on the ones with a plastic handle – those will remain in landfills for generations.
  • offer It’s unsuitable for people with oral sensitivities:
  • some people have a very strong gag reflex, so they can never properly clean their back teeth. Others have sensitive teeth and do not like the sensation of using string floss. All of it results in people opting not to floss at all.
  • offer It can make gum recession worse:
  • if you have issues with your gums or overly sensitive teeth, string floss definitely won’t help. And in some cases, it is even proven to make things worse!
  • offer It’s way less effective than water flossing:
  • because water flossers have been proven to be more effective, various organizations, including American Dental Hygienists’ Association, recommend water flossing over string flossers.
  • offer It’s hard to maintain oral hygiene with string floss:
  • flossing correctly can be so difficult that hardly anyone does it right. And doing it wrong can even make things worse.

So, clearly, traditional flossing is so inconvenient that 18% of Americans would rather do the dishes, and 14% would rather scrub toilets than floss.

Well, I have already moved to a far superior method!

FlossyFresh™ is a Superior, Far More Comfortable Alternative

FlossyFresh is a portable water flosser that can easily replace traditional, less effective string floss. It has many great features, such as a rechargeable battery and four nozzles. Each nozzle has a specific purpose, from pressure cleaning to even tongue cleaning, so you can enjoy an improved dental routine at your own home.

This device also has three power settings Weak (for people with sensitive teeth), Strong (for proper cleaning), and Pulse (to remove stubborn dirt).

It is also eco-friendly, as there is no waste associated with it, and you can simply refill it with tap water before each cleaning routine.

Simple to maintain and even more simple to use – FlossyFresh impressed me through and through! And after using it, I definitely feel that my teeth are much cleaner. A certain improvement compared to traditional floss. Besides, you can’t even get everywhere with a dental string. Water, on the other hand, gets in every nook and cranny, flushing dirt and soft plaque away.

So, if you want your dental hygienist to be impressed with your oral condition, there’s no better choice than FlossyFresh!

Here’s Why Opting for FlossyFresh Was the Best Decision I Ever Made
  • offer It effectively cleans your whole mouth:
  • unlike string floss, FlossyFresh can reach into all crevices to flush out dirt. That includes gaps between the teeth and periodontal pockets!
  • offer It’s suitable for people with dentures or braces:
  • string floss is not suitable for everyone, but luckily, FlossyFresh is! And with its Orthodontics nozzle, you can floss even if you have braces or dental implants.
  • offer It’s officially better than traditional floss:
  • 29% better, according to various dental organizations.
  • offer It’s softer on your teeth:
  • if your teeth are sensitive or you simply find string floss too complicated, FlossyFresh is here to help!
  • offer 4 interchangeable nozzles:
  • other than the aforementioned Orthodontics nozzle, there is also Pressure, Traditional, and Tongue-cleaning ones.
  • offer It’s very simple to use:
  • just charge the device, fill the water tank, and press the Power button. That’s all you need to make your dental hygienist proud!
  • offer It can be endlessly reused:
  • because FlossyFresh is rechargeable, you can take it on trips, use it at home, and reap the benefits of years to come, all while producing zero waste.
  • offer It has excellent value for money:
  • think how much you spend on traditional floss just to bin it all. Or how much your hygiene appointments cost to get all the plaque and tartar out that traditional floss cannot prevent. Well, FlossyFresh is about to save you a LOT of money!
But don’t just take my word for it – check these user reviews:

If I’m being honest, I used to floss maybe once a week. It was just unpleasant and time-consuming. With FlossyFresh, I floss every day, and it shows!

— Customer

I wanted a water flosser for ages, but they’re all so expensive! FlossyFresh was the affordable solution I’ve been looking for, and with all those accessories included! A bargain of the year!

— Customer

I’m never going back to traditional flossing methods! FlossyFresh is more suitable for my sensitive teeth and actually cleans all the gaps and periodontal pockets. The difference is visible!

— Customer
It makes sense why FlossyFresh becoming the most popular water flosser of !
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FlossyFresh Water Flosser

This innovative device will help prevent plaque and tartar with zero waste or additional expenses