Portable AC Device Is #1 Choice To Stay Cool — Beat The Heat Anytime, Anywhere… Instantly!


Brits can now cut costs while staying cool. The Freezvix portable AC unit is light weight, energy efficient, and blows ice cold air at the push of a button. Since it helps keep those electric bills lower, it’s exploded in popularity…

It’s summer. Which means heat and…

Your monthly energy bills start to rise and rise.

And thanks to worldwide inflation, everything is more costly than it was last year.

That’s why Brits are doing what they can to economize.

“It’s amazing how much money we waste… even on the smallest things like a little AC!”

That’s what Julie had to say about the rising costs this summer. To save money, she found a portable, energy-efficient AC device called the Freezvix — it cools you down 5X faster than a normal fan and uses a fraction of electricity that a central AC unit does.


Freezvix has a ton of uses and benefits:

  • Gentler impact on the environment
  • Reduces the amount of energy you consume
  • Cools down just a small space instead of the whole house
  • Keeps your desk area cooler than the office
  • Cools the kitchen while you cook
  • Protects you outdoors in the hot sun

Whether you’re on a budget or just want to beat the summer heat, you’re about to find out why Freezvix is so popular…

5X Colder Than A Regular Fan(Plus… it’s cordless!)

Freezvix uses cutting edge technology to give you nearly instant relief from the heat.

It’s cordless, quiet and quick to set up.

That means you can take it anywhere, use it whenever you’d like and it won’t bother anyone.

As you know, normal fans use a ton of energy and are rather loud. They can make it hard to focus or have a normal conversation while they’re on full speed.

You won’t have any of those problems with Freezvix — plus, it’s much more powerful and words much quicker than any conventional fan.

How does it work?

1. Charge it

2. Turn it on

3. Enjoy

It’s almost too easy to use.

Just charge it, add water, turn it on and set it to your perfect comfort level. It’s small, but due to how efficient it is, one charge and refill should last you a full day!

  • offer Whisper quiet
  • You’ll barely even notice that it’s on.
  • offer Eco-friendly
  • Uses plain tap water to operate and is perfectly safe for the environment!
  • offer Multiple Speeds
  • From Low to High levels of cold, or just use it as a normal fan for your optimum comfort.
  • offer Cleans the Air
  • It filters out pathogens and dust from the air as it runs. Excellent if you suffer from seasonal allergies!
  • offer It works FAST
  • Freezvix Portable AC gives you cold air very quickly while using a minimum of energy.
  • offer Easy To Use
  • Simply refill with water when it runs low. Easy to charge, and works almost anywhere.
  • offer Cordless & Portable
  • No plug needed! Just charge it up and take it anywhere you go… camping, the office, patio, and more!
  • offer Easy To Carry
  • About the size of a toaster oven and weighs less than 2 pounds.

And MUCH more!

SAFE: Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Freezvix is compact and 100% electric. There’s no cord, plug or batteries required!

Just fill it up with plain tap water and you’re set for the day…

It puts off ZERO toxic fumes and is whisper quiet — and constructed with high quality, lightweight materials that will serve you in most environments.

How Is It So Affordable?

(Psst… it costs less than the average monthly energy bill)

Most devices sold in stores have inflated prices.

They have to pay for shipping, storage and payroll for the companies that re-sell them.

But the Freezvix is sold only online — they don’t have any of the overhead other companies are forced to pay. That means you can get it at a major discount.

Here’s something you’ll like: A Freezvix costs less than an average monthly energy bill

…but it will lasts you for years to come and many summers.

And thanks to how popular they’ve become this year, the company was able to produce much larger orders… meaning it’s now available for 50% OFF their retail price.

We recommend buying straight from the company. You may end up paying a lot of extra money if you get it from a retail shop.

Freezvix Goes Anywhere You Go!

Since it’s cordless and weighs LESS THAN 2 POUNDS

You can take it anywhere with you(...except in the ocean!)

✔ Camping

✔ Yoga class

✔ Office

​​✔ Kitchen

​✔ Gym

✔ Bedroom

✔ Washroom

​✔ …And more!

It was designed to keep you comfortable in the most common places you’ll be. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort any longer — Freezvix is here to help you beat the heat!

Just Look at how much others love their Freezvix

Cools off SO fast! Love this little gadget. So nice to have out on the patio… it’s quiet, easy to use and I can carry it anywhere.

— Customer

Saves me money… I don’t have to run the central unit, just charge up my Freezvix and it’ll go all day. Perfect when I’m working at my desk or milling about my room.

— Customer

Reliable, works great. I’ve had fans running on my patio for years, but not anymore. Now this is all I use to keep me cool on the summer days. Also rather perfect for my yoga sessions and running in the bedroom when my partner keeps it far too warm for my liking.

— Customer

LOVE IT… So lightweight and easy to carry, simple to use and really well made. This is a thousand times better than having a fan.

— Customer
It’s quite clear why Freezvix is so vital and popular with Brits in
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