Why I Quit The Gym And Bought A Hula Hoop


UPDATE: We didn’t expect this short article to get so popular. It’s clear that most women are fed up with going to the gym and the HoopaLoop is a huge hit — the gently-weighted hula hoop with a soft exterior that improves weight loss, cardio, flexibility and balance for women. To try it out yourself, they’re offering the HoopaLoop at 50% OFF with free shipping in the UK if you order the HoopaLoop this week.

You’re about to fall in love with your childhood all over again.

And while you’re at it, you’ll likely get in the best shape of your life.

I’m talking about a new craze that has women across the UK quitting their gym and picking up…

The hula hoop?

Well, not quite… It’s a hula hoop specifically designed for exercise — gently-weighted steel hoop in thin ergonomic padding that protects your hips and gives you the workout of your life.

It's called HoopaLoop and it’s the highest quality, most useful hula hoop you’ve ever seen.

And the results are nothing short of extraordinary:

✔ Burns up to 400 calories per hour

✔ Increases flexibility

✔ Improves cardio

✔ Helps circulation

✔ … and basically every measure of good health

Going to the gym takes so much effort. Getting dressed, driving to and from, dealing with dozens of people using the same equipment, being stared at by weird individuals…

It’s nice there’s now an option you can use in the privacy of your own home whenever you want.

Are you ready to leave your painful gym routine behind?

What’s Special About HoopaLoop?
  • offer Burn calories
  • When you’re consistent with it, using the HoopaLoop can burn 350-400 calories PER HOUR.
  • offer Shed body fat
  • With the unique motion and cardio you only get with hula hooping, you easily burn fat around the abdomen and hips.
  • offer Strengthen core muscles
  • It helps target and strengthen your core muscles, including your abs.
  • offer Improve balance
  • One benefit most other exercises don’t train as well is your balance — the more you work with this unique exercise, the stronger and more balanced you become.
  • offer Increase mobility
  • The rhythm and sway of your hips, and increased heart rate with improved circulation lead to far more flexibility and range of motion.
  • offer Decrease waist and hip size
  • Weighted hula hooping can help slim you down in a healthy way.
  • offer Full body workout
  • This exercise strengthens your quads, hip flexors, calf muscles, and hamstrings, which can lead to better posture and more energy.
  • offer Supports spine and back muscles
  • With the combo of cardio and gentle swaying, you’re helping to keep your spine strong and working as it should.
Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

No More Gym:

Now You Can Exercise Anywhere, Anytime With HoopaLoop

Let’s be honest, the gym is a hassle.

❌ They smell

❌ People stare at you

❌ Have to wait for equipment

❌ Cost too much Money

And the worst part? Most people stop going to the gym just a few months after starting their membership.

But with HoopaLoop, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want.

It’s so much different than most boring exercise routines — something that feels more like dancing and playing than working out.

✔ Can be by yourself

✔ Do it anywhere

✔ Saves you money on going to the gym

✔ No sharing with dozens of other people

✔ No one staring or judging

✔ You can do it with kids around

✔ Less impact on your knees and hips than running

It could be the single easiest way to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s What Others Say About Them
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 Star Rating from over 5,000 users

It’s the best exercise thing I ever bought


I can't believe I'm able to hoop, it took me a week but now I can't stop. This hoop is well made and so fun to use. At first it hurt my sides but after days it was way better my hips got stronger…


I love this “fitness hoop”! It’s great to use on days I don’t feel like going to the gym. And it’s seriously a good work out! It’s heavy, and within 15 minutes I’m sweating. Not a bad price, either.

How Much Do They Cost?
My favorite part!

The HoopaLoop costs less than a single month at your local gym.

In fact, it’s one of the most affordable pieces of workout equipment on the market right now.

And what’s beautiful is that they’re built to last for many years (Just make sure to store them inside to protect from the weather)

As a bonus… For the rest of this month, they’re 50% OFF with Free Shipping — letting you get the HoopaLoop for just £29.99

Retail: £59.98

NOW 50% OFF: £29.99

Where To Get Your Own HoopaLoop

They’re actually sold direct from the supplier’s website.

You’re able to get such a good price on a HoopaLoop because it’s not sold in retail stores.

That means there’s no overhead costs and big price inflations.


Shipping is FREE right now, so take advantage while it’s still available.

On the next page, you can get instructions on how to use and set up your HoopaLoop.

HoopaLoop Hoop
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