Relieve Hand Pain with RelaxMit – Your Personal Hand Massager

It's time to give your hands the care they deserve!


Are your hands feeling sore and tired after a long day of typing, fine handwork, heavy labour, playing a musical instrument, or performing other tasks with repetitive hand movements?

Hand fatigue is a common issue among those who extensively use their hands daily. Some of the most popular professions that are at risk of developing hand problems include: hairdressers, mechanics, seamstresses, drivers, office workers, dental hygienists, musicians, artists, carpenters, crocheters, and many more.

It’s almost all of us! And finding a solution to alleviate the strain is crucial if you want to maintain your overall well-being.

While a daily professional hand massage would be perfect, it really isn’t an option for most people. So, here’s the next best thing...

The electric hand massager made to relieve hand pain and rejuvenate tired muscles. Now available with a 50% DISCOUNT!

Introducing RelaxMit

With the majority of people having their hands in constant motion, effective hand care is in high demand.

Cue RelaxMit —— the ultimate solution to reducing hand fatigue and relieving muscle strain. This portable electric massager is designed with soft, anti-sweat, and skin-friendly materials and is equipped with multiple handy features to provide a personalised, soothing experience. Keep on reading to find out more.


Human-Like Massage & Heat Therapy

RelaxMit's innovative airbag kneading imitates a massage provided by human hands. The built-in airbags gently inflate and deflate, applying precise pressure to your hands. And the combination of heat therapy eases hand pain, as well as improves blood circulation and enhances hand flexibility.

With RelaxMit electric massager, there is really no need to go to the massage parlour as you can experience it at home... while saving a great deal of money!

Made to Fit Every Hand Size


One size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why RelaxMit has two size settings for this specific reason. These two modes cater for both smaller and larger hands, ensuring a comfortable experience fitted for everyone. It's also perfect for couples or families, as it allows multiple people to enjoy hand massaging without the need for separate devices.

6 Reasons Customers Love RelaxMit

1. It offers versatility

RelaxMit has two options for hand size, as well as three intensity levels for each of the two modes. This allows you to find the perfect setting to relax and revitalise your hands.


2. It has a powerful rechargeable battery

The long-lasting rechargeable battery gives you complete freedom and peace of mind. You can choose your favourite spot to relax and not worry about replacing batteries or inconvenient cables getting in the way!

3. It promotes therapeutic heat benefits

Alongside massage, you can enjoy the heat therapy, too. It helps your muscles relax, has a soothing effect, and increases blood flow. To ensure your safety, RelaxMit will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of massaging.


4. It incorporates acupressure technology

RelaxMit's inside is lined with bumpy fabric, which provides acupressure properties. The material targets specific points of your hand to increase stimulation and relief.

5. It boasts a seamless touch control panel

You can easily control and change the settings with the invisible touch panel, which provides a seamless and user-friendly experience.


6. It is compact, lightweight, and portable

With RelaxMit, you can have a relaxing massage wherever you go. Its compact and lightweight design, together with the anti-slip base, ensures you can enjoy a hand massage anywhere, anytime.

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