How I Doubled My Internet Speeds With One Device


by Sophia Graham

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Imagine: you just got off work, and you’re exhausted. Now, you want to wind down.

So you turn on your TV, boot up Netflix, and launch your favorite show...

But it won’t load.

Your internet is too slow!

So instead of watching your favorite show, you watch that little “buffering” circle spin around and around...

Slow Internet

Slow internet can be a major pain in the butt.

It’s so frustrating when you’re trying to do something online, but the website just won’t load...

Even worse, slow internet can affect your work, too. If you ever work from home, slow internet will make your work take longer, meaning more time spent chained to your desk.


Even worse, you’ll drop the occasional work call.

In other words, slow internetjust doesn’tcut it in .

Maybe you’re afraid to try anything new, because you don’t understand how the WiFi works. Or maybe you think there’s just nothing you can do.

I used to think that, too. And the slow internet at my house used to drive my family crazy.

But then I found a device that changed everything...

Buffering Hell

For years, the WiFi at our house felt like molasses.

We didn’t care at first, because we didn’t depend on the internet that much. We watched TV on cable, we worked in the office, and we all had separate lives.

Then the pandemic hit. And all of a sudden, our slow internet became a way bigger problem.

First of all, my husband and I had to start working from home. That meant we were both online for another 8 hours, every single day.

My husband dropped a few work calls. His company actually lost a client because our internet connection cut out at a bad time. His bosseswere so mad...

Same thing with me. My internet would suddenly cut out in the middle of a work call. And then when I got back on, I’d have to sheepishly apologize to everyone...

To make matters worse, both of my kids were doing online school. Which is hard enough already. But it’s even harder when Zoom won’t load!

And don’t even get me started about talking to friends and family. We couldn’t see them in person anymore, so we could only Skype them.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were both disasters. I swear, we spent more time waiting for our video feed to load than we did actually talking to one another.

Plus, with tensions high at home, watching movies was our only way to wind down. Unfortunately, we had just ditched our cable the year before... meaning we were totally dependent on our slow internet...

It Gets Worse

Our whole lives were wrapped up in the internet. Having a slowconnection felt likewe were cutoff from therest of the world.

A funny thing happened during the pandemic. We were hoping our WiFi would “rise to the occasion”, and our internet problems would go away.

Instead, the exact opposite happened. Our WiFi got even worse.

I don’t know what happened. Technology and machines aren’t my thing.

But it seemed like overnight, all our work calls, online school, and basic entertainment became impossible.

My kids got bored out of their minds, angry they couldn’t chat with their friends or play their favorite video games.

My husband became moody and irritable... and frankly, so did I.

We fought a whole lot more that year than we ever had in the past... and call me crazy, but I think our slow internet was a big reason why.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. But being trapped in the house with family all day is too much.

Some days, it felt like we were gonna tear each other’s heads off.

And it was all the WiFi’s fault. But I just didn’t know what to do...

XtraBoost To The Rescue

Everything changed one day when I went to the computer store.

I didn’t even go there about the WiFi. I went there to fix my old laptop.

But on a whim, I asked the guy if he knew how we could speed up our internet.

Here’s what he said:

“You should get one of these.”

He pulled out a little device and put it on the table.

“This thing saved my butt so many times.”

“Let me tell you a secret,” he went on. “This store actually has a really bad WiFi connection. But with this thing, I can do almost anything. Even play high-speed video games.”

“You see, a lot of internet providers actually throttle your internet speeds. They want to put you on ‘molasses WiFi’ so that you’ll pay for their premium WiFi service.”

“The funny thing is, if you sign up for their ‘premium WiFi’ service, all they’ll do is remove the block they put on your WiFi.”

“They want you to pay them extra to make your internet work the way it’s supposed to!”

“Oh, my!” I said. “They never told me that!”

“Yeah,” he said. “Of course they don’t tell you. But the good news is, this tiny little device can remove the ‘block’ they’ve put on your internet, and amplify your signal — so your internet works how it’s supposed to.”

“And the best part is, it’s cheap. If you bought the internet provider’s ‘premium’ plan, you’d be on the hook for over 1000 € year in, year out. But you can get an XtraBoost for just 49,99 € 99 €!

Happily Ever After.

Getting the XtraBoost seemed like a great idea, but I was a little hesitant at first.

It seemed too good to be true. Was one tiny device really gonna solve all my problems?

But the guy at the computer store told me that if it didn’t work for me, he would buy it from me himself.

So I decided to give it a shot.

And what do you know...

It worked like a charm!

Today, we don’t have any issues with our WiFi.

We can watch anything, call anyone, and do anything, without any lag or frustration.


I can even use our WiFi in my backyard now, because the signal’s strong enough out there. Which means I can relax a little bit more when I’m working. It’s good to get some fresh air every now and then, you know?

Today, I almost never see that little circle spinning around anymore.

I don’t have to stare at my screen for minutes on end, waiting for just one webpage to load.

It makes going online a whole lot less frustrating.

Today, I’m getting so much more work done, and I’m so much happier.

I wish I got an XtraBoost years ago!

Bad WiFi Is A Thing Of The Past

Ever since I discovered the XtraBoost, I’ve been telling all my friends about it.

It can instantly improve your WiFi. What’s not to love?

A ton of my friends have tried it, and they’ve all had the most wonderful things to say.

A lot of them said they didn’t even realize their internet was so slow. But then when they tried XtraBoost, everything changed. Their internet magically got better, overnight!

Having faster internet is nothing to scoff at. It lets you:

  • checkgreen Instantly load almost any webpage.
  • checkgreen Watch YouTube videos and binge-watch Netflix to your heart’s content.
  • checkgreen Easily stream live TV.
  • checkgreen Video call your coworkers, friends, and family without interruptions.
  • checkgreen And even play video games.

You never have to wait for a website to load, and you never experience the insane “lag times” I used to.

So don’t wait as long as I did. Make slow internet a thing of the past, and get your XtraBoost today!

XtraBoosts Are On Sale Now!

If you’re looking to get an XtraBoost, there’s even better news:

The company behind the XtraBoost is having a sale.

You see, typically, they sell the XtraBoost for 99 € a pop.

But right now, you can get one for 50% off — and pay just 49,99 €!

For that price, you’d get just 2 weeks of the “premium WiFi” service your internet provider wants to sell you.

There is one catch, though:

This sale won’t last forever.

The XtraBoost is a popular product... and whenever they get more of them, they usually sell out pretty quickly.

So if you wait until tomorrow, you might not get one.

To claim yours, just click right here:

Get Your XtraBoost Today!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by slow internet speeds, it’s time to do something about it. With the XtraBoost, you can instantly strengthen your connection and make slow internet a thing of the past.

That means you can watch movies, browse the internet, play video games, join work calls, and FaceTime with your family and friends... all without worrying about your internet!

You don’t have to suffer slow lag times anymore. Click below and get your XtraBoost for just 49,99 € today!

Internet Speeds Up With
One Device.