Here’s Why I Haven’t Been Bit By A Mosquito In Over 6 Months… My Secret Weapon


“Mosquitoes don’t bite me”

I HATE those people — the ones who NEVER get attacked by mosquitoes.

Me, on the other hand… oh boy. They LOVE me. Not sure if it’s what I eat and drink, or my genetics, but I’m not a happy camper when mosquitoes are buzzing around.

It’s been like this most of my life because of where I live: crazy humidity, lots of rain and muddy fields. Basically a paradise for mosquitoes.

But in just a moment, I’ll tell you why I haven’t been bit by a mosquito in over 6 MONTHS!

What I can’t stand:

❌​​ Itchy bites

❌​​ Red bumps all over

❌​​ Constant buzzing

❌​ …The sleepless nights!

For as long as I can remember, these tiny pests have been a constant nuisance in my life. No matter what I did, they always found a way to ruin outdoor trips, ruin my sleep, and leave me with itchy bumps.

I was DESPERATE for a solution to this never-ending struggle.

But nothing worked, really… and what DID work was so toxic that it wasn’t worth it.

All these mosquito repellents, sprays, candles, and even homemade remedies… made me feel sick, if I’m being honest. And to make it worse, nothing gave me long-term relief. The promise of a mosquito-free life seemed impossible.

But a random look at the TV one day changed everything.

That’s When I Discovered ZapperTakand NO Mosquito has touched me since!

I was itching all over and couldn’t take much more. It had been another night where the buggers were in the home biting me through the night.

Around lunch that day, through half-open eyes, I glanced at the TV.

What I saw was this small device with a glowing blue light… capturing HUNDREDS of flys and mosquitoes!

“WOW… this can’t be real!”

It said it could eliminate most of the gnats and mosquitoes in my home in just a few hours!

I had a hard time believing that…


But when I looked it up online, the reviews were stellar!

Folks just like me, who seemed to have blood that was like a magnet to mosquitoes… their problems went away overnight!

I didn’t wait a minute longer. I ordered and waited with my fingers crossed.

However, as I’d been disappointed so often before, I was still hesitant. Would this be end up just like all my other countless efforts?

It Arrived 5 Days Later… and My Life Changed Overnight!

I don’t think I’ve ever moved so quickly to unbox something. I set up ZapperTak in my back garden, hoping for a miracle.

This was my last chance. If this wasn’t a good solution, I truly felt hopeless.

I plugged it in…

I was expecting to hear a bunch of ZAPS like other bug traps on the market. But it was whisper quiet… didn’t hear a thing!

The instructions said to leave it for a few hours, but I went further and just let it do its thing overnight.

I woke up with very low expectations, figuring I might see a bug or two in there, but that it wasn’t going to be the miracle I needed.

But the next morning, I stepped into the garden and opened it up.

What I saw made my jaw DROP…

HUNDREDS of dead mosquitoes and gnats!

My jaw hung open for a solid minute before I could start thinking straight. This thing was amazing!

Looking around my back garden, I didn’t see ANY mosquitoes buzzing about my arms and face. As I kept it on my porch, they weren’t coming in my home any longer.

Was my nightmare over?

Yes, yes it was.

I rushed to tell my family, and raved about it to every friend who stopped by to have a visit.

My nights soon became mosquito-free, allowing me to finally enjoy peaceful sleep. Outdoor gatherings with friends and family were no longer ruined by constant swatting and itching.

ZapperTak became the solution I so desperately needed.

(... and since its rechargeable, it now goes with me in the car to job sites!)

How The ZapperTak Bug Zapper Works

1. Charge it 2. Turn it on

ZapperTak uses an advanced blue UV light above a fan creating suction to trap bugs.

Bugs fly toward this irresistible light and are stopped in their tracks and are sucked into a tray below where they perish. It’s 100% Safe, whisper quiet and easy to use.

ZapperTak has the competition to beat:

  • offer Small or Large Spaces
  • Covers up to 55 sq. meters.
  • offer Indoors & Outdoors
  • Front to back gardens, living rooms and camping spots.
  • offer Safe & Effective
  • Sturdy plastic cage protects you, your family, children and pets from electric charge.
  • offer Quick Setup
  • Just plug it in to charge it up and take it anywhere. Starts working instantly.
  • offer Sturdy & Compact Design
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, blends in with the environment and simple to move around.
  • offer Advanced Trapping Tech
  • Proprietary UV tech attracts over 3X more mosquitoes than competitors.
  • offer Whisper Quiet
  • Enjoy peaceful nights without the annoyance of buzzing sounds. ZapperTak operates quietly, allowing you to sleep soundly.
  • offer Saves You Money
  • By eliminating the need for pricey repellents and sprays, ZapperTak saves you money in the long run.
  • offer Energy Efficient
  • Save on electricity bills! Its energy-efficient operation ensures you can enjoy mosquito control without worrying about high energy consumption.
  • offer Money Back Guarantee
  • If it doesn’t fully handle your mosquito problem, just send it back within 30 days and get a full refund, No Questions Asked.
ZapperTak Eliminates Mosquitoes & Gnats

If you’re on a budget…

If you don’t like chemicals and sprays…

If you value safety for you and your loved ones…

Then you’re going to love ZapperTak — It’s the last solution you’ll ever need for mosquitoes and flying pests.

Mine worked so well, I bought a couple for family members and friends. Since I visited their home so often, I was tired of getting bit all the time! Now that they’ve got the zapper, I can visit with them in peace.

Give it a try for yourself and you’ll see what all the hype is about.

Just hear how much others love their ZapperTak

So grateful What I love most is I can charge it and take it with me for a trip to the beach or the park. It’s amazing getting to enjoy the outdoors without having to fight the bugs!

— Customer

The Best Nothing compares for getting rid of the winged pests. This thing is a beast.

— Customer

Does what I want it to Gets ride of the mosquitoes and gnats quick. Zero issues since I bought it. Very happy.

— Customer
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